SUNLIKE applications

The FUTURELED Team distinguishes itself by its experienced and skilled engineers, the development and by ist efficient production technology – concerning  power performance, quality and punctuality. To keep our high standard of quality it is necessary to crosscheck the ever-growing market for LED technology. Our technicians have successfully been dealing with the issues of lighting technology, semiconductor technology, optics, thermal management, power and control electronics design and software development.

SUNLIKE automotive

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In everyday life automobiles are exposed to nature’s destructive forces such as sunlight. SUNlike enables you to test if your products are going to last outdoor and how long they last. Since the spectrum of SUNlike perfectly matches the sunlight spectrum you can find out how materials react to a (permanent) exposure of sunlight.


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SUNlike was designed according to IEC 60904 and rated AAA. As indispensable in photovoltaic industry SUNlike is able to supply an AM1.5 spectrum with up to 35 spectral bands. This artificial sunlight can be triggered – depending on pv technology and measurement – with flash times between 1 ms and steady state on the same system.

SUNLIKE medical

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SUNlike creates a high quality light with improved homogenity. The platform offers a spectral range from 350 to 1100 nm and an intensity up to 2500 W/m². The spectral range can be modified up to 1700 nm. SUNlike is the perfect choice  for testing the reaction and resistance of medical applications or drugs to light as a stimuli.

SUNLIKE plant growing

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With each channel offering a specific and well defined light emission it is possible to adjust the spectrum of SUNlike. You can choose the exact wavelengths in the red/blue range and optimize photosynthesis. You may switch your light setting from bloom to growing, extend day length and control flowering.

SUNLIKE waethering

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SUNlike can be of great help testing your material's durability and reaction to sunlight exposure. SUNlike can be set to simulate any spectrum based on geographical and weather conditions as well as any day time. Switching the settings with up to 100 HZ performance per cell a full day can be simulated within a few minutes.