SUNlike was created to provide a platform which can be easily scaled in size, power and spektrum. The idea of SUNlike was to be able to generate SUN-light at any time, anywhere and to use it for any purpose. The SUNLike platform offers the possibility to use one wavelength up to 32 individual light sources each with it own specific emission. 
Were Sunlight is a key ingredient the SUNlike platform can make the mixture much easier. For the PV Solar world the closest match to real sunlight is needed - SUNlike delivers exactly this required light for a young, yet dynamic and demanding market.



  • SUNlike  S has a light area of 100x100mm (100cm²)
  • SUNlike M has a light area of 200x250mm (500cm²)
  • SUNlike XL has a light area of 1000x2000mm (2 m²) on repuest
  • SUNlike OEM on repuest

SUNLIKE quality

Main characteristics

  • AAA-class accuracy sunlight
  • Steady-state and long pulse illumination
  • EQE Measurment

Accurate lighting

  • AAA-rating according to IEC 60904
  • Spectral match: class A,
  • Uniformity: class A,
  • Stability: class A,

Practical in use

  • Compact and turn-key system
  • longevity with more than 700.000.000 flahes (flash 50ms)
  • Testing of all next generation PV cell types