Phosphor conversion LED

There are different phosphors from green to yellow to orange available. These can be used for the realization of desired emission colors – the right application has a high influence on the color rendering’s quality.
The maximum intensity of light emission (peak wavelength) of the materials used in this production run ranges from 510 nm to 610 nm.
Therefore a large range of the CIE-color space for LED-modules – based upon blue LED – is accessible. Our products accomplish a white light with a superior color rendering index over 92%.
Blume unter Himmel

Technical specification

  • configuration: 1515
  • size: 3,8 mm  x 3,8 mm x 0,9 mm
  • angle of radiation: 120°
  • substrate: AlN Ceramic for high-power-applications
  • solder pads: silver plated appropriate for all SMT-assemblies
  • RoHS, WEEE und REACH

dye conversion LED

item number housing wavelength FDHM nm brightness mW IF in mA
FL-LED-440-545 1515 545nm 70 120 350
FL-LED-440-565 1515 565nm 90 130 350
FL-LED-440-590 1515 590nm 100 na 350
FL-LED-440-650 1515 650nm 270 na 350






Conversion LED overview

Luminescence conversion

The luminescent substance in the LED is activated by a blue diode’s emission light in order to create the favored spectrum. By accommodating the adequate dye concentration the diode’s emitted blue primary light is mixed with the emitted 2-4 bandy dye to the requested spectrum.